Safe Hands Bookkeeping

What is Virtual Bookkeeping and How Does it Work?

Before the advent of fast, secure internet, the usual way bookkeeping was handled was for the bookkeeper to come to your office and work on your computer.

Source documents (bank statements, invoices, receipts. etc.) were paper – untidy, difficult to keep track of and easy to lose. Reports and financial statements were printed and kept in binders or box files.

In recent years, and for various reasons, remote working has become more common, and technology has had to be developed and adapted to meet the expectations and security requirements of this new environment. In most cases the IRS and other federal agencies now approve digital storage of your financial information and backup documents.

Safe Hands Bookkeeping works 100% virtually, using the latest software and technology to make your experience seamless and as simple as possible.

How do we Get Your Information and Keep it Secure?

1. Bank statements:

 By giving us “view only” access to your business bank account, most banks can now be linked directly to your QuickBooks Online account and transactions downloaded daily. If your bank does not currently integrate with QBO, we can download a CSV file and update that way.

Alternatively, you can upload your bank statements to a secure portal, so we can access them that way.

2. All other paperwork can be uploaded to the secure portal or sent via email (not so secure). QBO also has integrated apps enabling you to scan receipts and invoices directly to your QBO account.

In addition to the security protocols mentioned above, we utilize advanced cybersecurity from NordVPN (VPN, Password Security and Secure Storage) so your information is secure and always protected. Virus and Firewall protection are provided by McAfee for Business and are automatically updated to the latest versions,

By using QuickBooks Online, you can be certain your financial information is safe and secure, protected by state-of-the-art technology. Click here for more detail from QuickBooks themselves.

Even though we work 100% virtually, that does not mean we are not available for “face-to-face” conversations. Most of our bookkeeping packages include a monthly or quarterly meeting via Zoom, to discuss your financial statements highlights and any significant items. In case of an urgent issue, which cannot be resolved by email, text, or phone, we can hop on Zoom for a brief video call.

With today’s technology and cyber security, working virtually is by far the most cost- and time-efficient way to do your bookkeeping. Click below to schedule a call and find out why virtual bookkeeping is the right choice for you.